Classification Of Computers By Their Size

Computer system can be identified into four categories based upon size particularly Micro, Mini, Mainframe and Super computer system. Micro computer systems are tiniest and based on the use of microprocessors. Microprocessor is combined or built-ined circuit which includes all the aspects of processing. Smaller than mainframe and have lowspeed, low storage capacity. Basically made use of for small business application are called home computers.

Minicomputers are little larger than micro computes likewise make use of very same microprocessor however with even more speed. They can be lined with other systems to form network. Support multiuser and multi task. These are made use of in company and commerce such as payroll, stock control.


Mainframe computer system can manage hundreds of users at same time because of high speed and large memory. They are designed for distributing system. Data is physically different however logically they are treated as one system. These computers are primarily utilized in website or net. Serve as nodes to National and International Communication network.

Mainframe Supercomputers are the fastest computer systems. They can address a large range of huge scale troubles which need unique arithmetic operations. Super computer utilizes ‘Non-Von New Mann’ Design. These computers are made use of in multiprocessing, multitasking and parallel processing for different tasks. Specifically these computers are used in molecular structural analysis, weather forecasting and so on Supercomputer


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